Thursday, December 16, 2010

response to social awareness song

the social awareness song was really nice and it showed how other people live and how much poverty people in other countries. it showed me how selfish we are talking about how we don't have ENOUGH money when there are other countries and families that are poor and cant afford much stuff. there are people that work really hard to provide for their family, and don't even get a decent amount of money to take care of their family. there are kids dieing of starvation, we just waste food. there are a lot of rich people; like celebrities that can help out these country by donating at least a portion of their money. some celebrities actually do.,r:3,s:0


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Draft #1

       It is a nice day at the tropical rainforest. The sky is bluer than ever, the grass is greener, and it’s not blazing hot.
       “ahhh what a nice day” said jesster as he stretched in his bed.
He got up and got ready to see his friends. He took a shower. He brushed his teeth. He combed his hair. He made himself some breakfast and was on his way.
        He met up with his friends Sammy, tina, tommy, and mike.
Jesster said hi to all his friends.
 “where’s Oscar? Does he know we are all meeting up?”
“yea. He is sick.”
“oh… well you quys can go on ahead I will make sure he is ok.”
        Jesster walked to Oscar’s house which was rite up the rode. He knocked on the door.
“who is it?” Oscar said
“its jesster!”
“come in the door is open!”
Jesster walked inside the house. Oscar looked bad. His nose was runny, his voice sounded scratchy, his fur went pale, and his forehead was hot. Jesster stood by his bed.
“you look horrible. If you need anything… just call me. I am going to stay here for a while.”
“ok thank you; your so nice…….. can you make me some soup.” He said with a shaky voice.
“ ok coming right up”
        Jesster went in the kitchen to make some soup for Oscar. Jesster made Oscar”s bed, did his laundry, cleaned his room, changed channels on his tv, went food shopping, cleaned Oscars bathroom, dishes, living room, and did everything he possibly could. Jesster got suspicious. Why did Oscar need me to do everything. he thought.
        The next day jesster was sore and couldn’t get out of bed. He had a little bit of errands to do. Oscar came over later that day.
“I just stopped by to say hi” Oscar said looking at jesster. Oscar noticed he was in pain.
“lets meet up with the gang tomorrow.” He said as he tried to scurry out.
“wait Oscar. Im kind of sore from yesterday. I cant move a muscle. I was wondering if you can do my errands for me. I was hoping you can return the favor, since I helped you out the other day when you were sick. Please.”
“uhhhhh… I cant I have a thing” Oscar said nervously as he left.
A while after tina, mike, Sammy,and tommy came over jessters house.
“hi jesster we heard you weren’t in good shape today so we decided to come and help you out. And don’t worry you don’t need to do anything in  return.”
 “I only need the dishes washed, the living room vaccumed and the flowers watered.” Jesster said
“ok we have it under control” tina said
“wow thanks guys.” Jesster said happily
“no problem; that’s what friends are for.”


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

draft #1

this draft isnt complete because of writing difficulties      
  “ahhhh my new home.” Jesster said as he took a deep breath and taking in the smell of his new home.
        The  tall trees, the tall grass, the moist dirt, the foggy air, and the sounds of nature. This is all new to jesster, he is used to a small space with lots of people. Everything looks as big as in the city. Jesster finds his way through the rainforest to his house.
        “I love it here already” Jesster says to himself.
Jesster pulls out his letter paper and his pen and starts writing to his family about his new home. He puts it in his mail box and starts to watch tv.
**KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK** Jesster opens the door.
“e-e-e-e-exuse me? Who-who-who are you” Jesster says
“Hi how are you I heard you just moved in and I just wanted to introduce myself to you. My name is Chelsea. I am a cheetah, What’s your name.”
“Hi Chelsea my name is Jesster. How did you know I just moved in. how’d you find out so fast?”
“Tommy toucan told Elephant, who told Sid snake, who told Milo monkey, who then told me that  you just moved in.”
“okay thank you” jesster closes the door and goes to the back yard to plant some fruits for him to eat when he runs out of food.
**the next week.**
The fruits have grown in just right.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

research assignment #2- animal cruelty

   there are people that abuse animals for many different reasons. some people abuse animals for no reason at all. either way... its wrong!!!!! If you don't know what animal cruelty is... (which you should) it is like child abuse but to animals. animal neglect can actually affect the animal. some examples of animal neglect is... starvation, dehydration, letting his/her collar to grow into his/her skin, having the animal living in extremely harsh conditions... (whether hot or cold) also by not taking your animal to the vet when needed or even just for checkups.
 you need to make sure your animal drinks, eats, lives in a fair envoiroment, and gets the medical attention it needs. Animal neglect can cause incredible pain and suffering to the animal.  
   there are special police for animal cruelty. this police enforcement is called the ASPCA. they specialize in animal cruelty. they take away and lock up the owners of the animals that they dont take proper care of. if there is a case where there is animal cruelty, then they have the right to immediately take away your animal and give it the medical attention it needs and is removed from the enviroment.
   animal cruelty is when a person intentionally causes harm to an animal. intentionally causing harm to an animal is often a sign of psychological problems. most abusers often abuse people/ animals because they have come from a violent household, or  has experienced abuse in their past. they try to get it off their shoulders or mind by abusing other people/animals. which can lead to killing. 122454 animal cruelty complaints were made in the year of 2006. complaints dropped by 20% to 1647.

Monday, November 22, 2010

research assignment #1- sexual assalt crimes

sexual assault is an assault of a sexual nature on another person. sexual assalt is something that happens alot to innocent people. one out of every six girls are most likely to be assalted. sexual assalt victims are girls and boys; women and men. not only men are sexual assalters. women are too. most people think women aren't a suspect to sexual assalt crimes, but you would be surprised how many women are in jail for sexual assalt. the most common sexuall assalt occurs between teachers and students (like in the link i have posted.)
most victims of sexual assalt are scared to report it. if someone tells you they have been sexually assalted and they tell you to keep it too yourself... DONT!!!! you have to tell someone immediately. most victims that dont report their attacks end up regretting it in the future. there is a special police unit that deals with sexual assalt.
these crimes disturb me the most out af all the other crimes, because it is just sick and not very adult like. most of the predators are old men. in this article it is about a teacher from a sequin  high school that was convicted of 10 counts of sexually exploiting minors. his name is dennis peterson. he is 50 years old. (like i said... the predators are usually old men) he had girls from sequin community high school pose nude for photographs, and posted them on the internet. he was sentenced 190 years in prison. he taught a class that consisted of teenagers that were 16 years of age and older. he has worked at that school for four years, and only got caught because one girl he posted pictures of on the internet told her moms friend, and the moms friend reported it to the authorities. when Mr. Petterson posted pictures of the girls online, strange men would call the girls requesting sexual conduct which could've escalated to them stalking and raping them.
i find this stuff to be disturbing and disgusting. no offense to all the teachers. reading this article made me not trust or "like" teachers more than i already didn't "like" them.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mother to Son

mother to son by langston hughes is a poem that is about a mother talking to her son about life, and using stairs to represent her life. in this poem how she describes the stairs is being not perfect but at the same time not horrible. she is talking to her son and is telling him to not give up on life when it gets tough. i can relate to this poem in a way, because it is like when me and my mom have our little "serious talks." she gives me advice about stuff & tells me what mistakes she has made in life so that i try to avoid those same ones. i liked the peom mother to son by langston hughes.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Entry #7- A wrinkle in time

the book i read for book club was called a wrinkle in time. This book was very enjoyable. It was magical  and very creative and magical. i like all the characters and worlds. i know this has nothing to do with research but...
why i like the characters in the book is because  their personalities are SO different. like meg and Charles Wallace's personalities. meg is more of a protective, selff-conscious  person. she is protective of her family. she is the most protective of her brother Charles Wallace. she is protective of Charles Wallace the most because everyone picks on him and calls him dumb, but charle's Wallace actually isn't dumb. he is actually really smart and mature for his age. but he has that 5 year old personality though (know it all)
why i like this book is also because of all the adventures they take... they are so creative. like when meg, Charles, and Calvin went to the land of the camazots where everyone does exactly the same thing, at exactly the same time, and in the exact same order. it was very weird.
A wrinkle in time was written by Madeleine L'Engle. it was written on MARCH 15, 1973. over the years the book cover has changed more than four times. There were four sequels to a wrinkle in time. this book wasn't made into a movie. the author of a wrinkle in time was born on November 29, 1918. that means she was 55 when she wrote the book. i would re-read a wrinkle in time.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Charlottes Web

          In CHARLOTTE'S WEB  there are more than one type of friendships.there is Wilbur and Fern's friendship, Wilbur and Charlotte's friendship, and last but not least... Templeton's friendships. all the friendships in the barn are different.Wilbur and Ferns friendship is more serious than any other relationships in the book. Wilbur and Ferns friendship is more like a mother and son friendship because Fern raised Wilbur since he was a baby. she is like his mother but didn't actually give birth to him of course. Fern washed, played, bathed, fed, walked, loved, and cared for Wilbur.when Wilbur moved into the farm Fern clould've just forgotten about Wilbur and go on with her life but she didn't.... Although she wasn't as involved when Wilbur moved into the barn. She did visit him and spend time with him and the animals. There is no friendship stronger than Fern and Wilbur's friendship.
          Charlotte and Wilbur's friendship is stronger than the other friendships besides Fern and his. Charlotte to me is like a second Fern. She cares a lot for Wilbur and protects Wilbur from anything if she can. For example when the lamb told Wilbur they were going to slaughter him to eat him.Charlotte thought of a plan to write a message in her spider web that said: SOME PIG. Those two words stood out to the farmer when he went to feed the animals. he thought it was a sign that Wilbur is special and they shouldn't kill him. soon the word was spread and Wilbur was saved. Charlotte was a friend to Wilbur when nobody was. Charlotte and Wilbur have a sister and brother friendship.
          Templeton doesn't have any friends in the barn. i don;t think he any friends period. i think he has no friends because he is rude, greedy, selfish, and mean. He is that way with all the animals. Most humans think that rats are disgusting and greedy. like what the animals thought of Templeton. That's a text to world connection. None of the animals in the barn like Templeton so therefore he has no friends. i think Templeton always goes to the dump because he is lonely. i think Templeton wants friends but doesn't know how to make friends. He was probably raised to be mean and selfish. I feel bad for Templeton but at the same time i don't. i think someday Templeton will make friends.