Monday, November 22, 2010

research assignment #1- sexual assalt crimes

sexual assault is an assault of a sexual nature on another person. sexual assalt is something that happens alot to innocent people. one out of every six girls are most likely to be assalted. sexual assalt victims are girls and boys; women and men. not only men are sexual assalters. women are too. most people think women aren't a suspect to sexual assalt crimes, but you would be surprised how many women are in jail for sexual assalt. the most common sexuall assalt occurs between teachers and students (like in the link i have posted.)
most victims of sexual assalt are scared to report it. if someone tells you they have been sexually assalted and they tell you to keep it too yourself... DONT!!!! you have to tell someone immediately. most victims that dont report their attacks end up regretting it in the future. there is a special police unit that deals with sexual assalt.
these crimes disturb me the most out af all the other crimes, because it is just sick and not very adult like. most of the predators are old men. in this article it is about a teacher from a sequin  high school that was convicted of 10 counts of sexually exploiting minors. his name is dennis peterson. he is 50 years old. (like i said... the predators are usually old men) he had girls from sequin community high school pose nude for photographs, and posted them on the internet. he was sentenced 190 years in prison. he taught a class that consisted of teenagers that were 16 years of age and older. he has worked at that school for four years, and only got caught because one girl he posted pictures of on the internet told her moms friend, and the moms friend reported it to the authorities. when Mr. Petterson posted pictures of the girls online, strange men would call the girls requesting sexual conduct which could've escalated to them stalking and raping them.
i find this stuff to be disturbing and disgusting. no offense to all the teachers. reading this article made me not trust or "like" teachers more than i already didn't "like" them.