Thursday, December 16, 2010


Draft #1

       It is a nice day at the tropical rainforest. The sky is bluer than ever, the grass is greener, and it’s not blazing hot.
       “ahhh what a nice day” said jesster as he stretched in his bed.
He got up and got ready to see his friends. He took a shower. He brushed his teeth. He combed his hair. He made himself some breakfast and was on his way.
        He met up with his friends Sammy, tina, tommy, and mike.
Jesster said hi to all his friends.
 “where’s Oscar? Does he know we are all meeting up?”
“yea. He is sick.”
“oh… well you quys can go on ahead I will make sure he is ok.”
        Jesster walked to Oscar’s house which was rite up the rode. He knocked on the door.
“who is it?” Oscar said
“its jesster!”
“come in the door is open!”
Jesster walked inside the house. Oscar looked bad. His nose was runny, his voice sounded scratchy, his fur went pale, and his forehead was hot. Jesster stood by his bed.
“you look horrible. If you need anything… just call me. I am going to stay here for a while.”
“ok thank you; your so nice…….. can you make me some soup.” He said with a shaky voice.
“ ok coming right up”
        Jesster went in the kitchen to make some soup for Oscar. Jesster made Oscar”s bed, did his laundry, cleaned his room, changed channels on his tv, went food shopping, cleaned Oscars bathroom, dishes, living room, and did everything he possibly could. Jesster got suspicious. Why did Oscar need me to do everything. he thought.
        The next day jesster was sore and couldn’t get out of bed. He had a little bit of errands to do. Oscar came over later that day.
“I just stopped by to say hi” Oscar said looking at jesster. Oscar noticed he was in pain.
“lets meet up with the gang tomorrow.” He said as he tried to scurry out.
“wait Oscar. Im kind of sore from yesterday. I cant move a muscle. I was wondering if you can do my errands for me. I was hoping you can return the favor, since I helped you out the other day when you were sick. Please.”
“uhhhhh… I cant I have a thing” Oscar said nervously as he left.
A while after tina, mike, Sammy,and tommy came over jessters house.
“hi jesster we heard you weren’t in good shape today so we decided to come and help you out. And don’t worry you don’t need to do anything in  return.”
 “I only need the dishes washed, the living room vaccumed and the flowers watered.” Jesster said
“ok we have it under control” tina said
“wow thanks guys.” Jesster said happily
“no problem; that’s what friends are for.”


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