Wednesday, March 9, 2011

independent reading response

The book i am independently reading is called "wtf" by Peter Lerangis. So far what i read about is a group of friends on their way to a party. they were driving on a road next to the forrest when a dear runs out and they crash into it. one of the boys died (cameron) beacuse the deer had landed on the windshield and crushed him. the other two boys were injured. the two boys paniced about camerons death and ran off into the forrest when they started to hear sirens coming from up the road. They went to the party and are now on the run; while they left their friend cameron to be found by the police and his family doesnt know of his death.
   i think that the other two boys were wrong for leaving cameron to die, and also not atleast making an attempt to inform his family. but i understand why they paniced because they were sneaking to the party and none of them had their license. i think the possible themes are friendship, tragedy, death, survival, and fears.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

my papa's waltz

     when i first read this poem in class i thought it was about abuse... and so did alot of other people. but when we really analyzed the poem and took time ti think about it; it came clear to me that it wasnt really about abuse. it was basically just about a father and son doing the waltz. this poem had me thinking as to what it really meant. this poem showed me how a poem can be about one thing and when you read it; you think it is about a whole other thing, until you really observe it.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

     this picture makes me feel peaceful and relaxed. this painting is very calming because of the way the artist uses the colors and also the shapes and shade. i noticed that this artist used colors that are sort of in the same range of tone... like the yellow, white, baby blue, and the light green go together and make the painting seem soft and delicate while the dark brown and blackish color brings edge to the painting and makes it seem interesting because it makes me think: what made the artist put such dark colors with light colors. using the colors in the way the artist did, it brought light into the painting. it seems like a light is shining straight on the flower. it looks like the flower is the main focus since it takes up like 90% of the painting.
     my interpretation of the work is that it is showing individuality and strength because the flower is by itself and the light is shining right on it, and it has sort of rough colors to make it look like a symbol of individuality. that's what it makes me think; but other people might have different inferences.

response to- "starry night" by anne sexton

   when we discussed starry night with the class during ela this poem brought some interesting inferences on what Anne sexton was trying to say in her poem starry night. one inference was that Anne sexton was suicidal and another inference was that Anne sexton was trying to describe her death in the poem.
   i think Anne sexton wasn't suicidal when writing this poem. what would make you think that she was suicidal is because she keeps saying she wants to die. but all she is really doing is describing her death... how she wants to die peacefully under the starts at night-time.
   i like this poem because the poem is about what feelings Vincent vangouh's painting starry night gave her. in her poem it has meaning and it just isn't describing the setting or anything; in the poem she is connecting herself to the poem and expressing how it makes her feel, which is... it makes her feel peaceful, and want that exact place to be the last place it is at; because she says- this is where i want to die.