Wednesday, March 9, 2011

independent reading response

The book i am independently reading is called "wtf" by Peter Lerangis. So far what i read about is a group of friends on their way to a party. they were driving on a road next to the forrest when a dear runs out and they crash into it. one of the boys died (cameron) beacuse the deer had landed on the windshield and crushed him. the other two boys were injured. the two boys paniced about camerons death and ran off into the forrest when they started to hear sirens coming from up the road. They went to the party and are now on the run; while they left their friend cameron to be found by the police and his family doesnt know of his death.
   i think that the other two boys were wrong for leaving cameron to die, and also not atleast making an attempt to inform his family. but i understand why they paniced because they were sneaking to the party and none of them had their license. i think the possible themes are friendship, tragedy, death, survival, and fears.