Thursday, January 13, 2011

     this picture makes me feel peaceful and relaxed. this painting is very calming because of the way the artist uses the colors and also the shapes and shade. i noticed that this artist used colors that are sort of in the same range of tone... like the yellow, white, baby blue, and the light green go together and make the painting seem soft and delicate while the dark brown and blackish color brings edge to the painting and makes it seem interesting because it makes me think: what made the artist put such dark colors with light colors. using the colors in the way the artist did, it brought light into the painting. it seems like a light is shining straight on the flower. it looks like the flower is the main focus since it takes up like 90% of the painting.
     my interpretation of the work is that it is showing individuality and strength because the flower is by itself and the light is shining right on it, and it has sort of rough colors to make it look like a symbol of individuality. that's what it makes me think; but other people might have different inferences.

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